Development and Educational Centre for the Metal Industry

Built on the foundation of the former military barracks, a modern infrastructure for the scientific research community is equipped with all the necessary technology.

The Metal Centre was chosen due to its geostrategic position, propulsive metalworking and ICT industry activities, efforts in stimulating an entrepreneurial supporting environment and offering modern facilities that meet all the needs of the high-tech conference.

Metalska jezgra cakovec

Airport Čakovec

Experience the thrill of our exclusive demo flight zone located at Čakovec Airport in Pribislavec, just a short 6-minute drive from the main venue. This unique location provides the perfect setting to witness the latest in cutting-edge technology demonstrations.
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to see the future of technology up close!

To ensure you can attend, we’ll be organizing a free daily bus transfer from the main venue to the flight zone for all interested participants.

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Located in the heart of the region, the City of Čakovec boasts a prime geostrategic position and exceptional transportation links. With easy access to City of Zagreb and neighbouring countries like Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary, it’s the perfect location for our upcoming Show. Additionally, Čakovec is home to the Technology Innovation Center Međimurje, a thriving business incubator that has supported the growth of over 70 successful companies since its establishment.

Don’t miss this chance to explore a city that truly embodies innovation and progress.

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Nestled between the Drava and Mura rivers in the northernmost part of Croatia lies the charming and unique Međimurje County. Known as Croatia’s flower garden, this region boasts green hills, rich plains, and a simple yet splendid way of life that has fascinated visitors for years.

In recognition of its achievements, Međimurje County was recently awarded the European Cities and Regions of the Future 2022/23 award by The Financial Times, marking its fourth such accolade. Additionally, it has been recognized for its commitment to sustainable tourism and was named the Destination of the Year in the category of the most successful sustainable tourism destination (innovative and smart destination) on the occasion of Croatian Tourism Day 2022.

Međimurje’s inhabitants are renowned for their strong work ethic, initiative, and innovative spirit. The region is home to a thriving craft industry, small enterprises, and a developed manufacturing sector, including metal, construction, and IT. As the tourism industry rapidly expands, there is also a growing service sector catering to visitors to this beautiful region.

TZ Međimurska županija
Medimurska zupanija

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Medimurska zupanija
TZ Međimurska županija