CUAV Show Europe will take place at Amadria Park Šibenik, Croatia, 18-19 May, 2022.


The illegal use of UAVs is now a severe security concern worldwide as terrorists, activists, and criminals are adopting drone technology and developing new, creative and sophisticated ways to commit crime, terrorism, and invade citizens’ privacy. The adoption of drones as a tactical attack planning option for terrorists to cause mass disruption, damage economic stability and directly threaten EU security and the safety of its citizens is a chilling reminder of the clear and present danger from contemporary terrorism.

This show is intended for LEA, military and emergency services as well as manufacturers in the field of critical infrastructure protection, crisis management, security and risk management, and other experts in the field concerned by the emerging threats from rogue drones.

To cover all eventualities [re drone detection] there needs to be a suite of sensors and, ultimately, they have to be able to detect drone optically. – Captain Tim Pottage